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Avoid Pickleball Injuries with Proper Warmup

“I’ve managed a 25 plus year career as a golf pro without golfers elbow, until I started playing pickleball!

I know that proper warm up is one of the keys to avoiding pickleball injuries, any sports injury for that matter. I would never think of hitting a golf ball without a warm-up however I often found myself hitting two groundstrokes and then starting the game. Eventually, my elbow paid the price! As I look around the courts those that do warm up which is a small number don’t usually do it correctly. A lot of advice about warm-up has changed over the years. Your high school gym class probably started with a lot of static stretching, like the hurdler stretch, where you hold your body in the stretch for 10-30 seconds or more. Why bother warming up? It prepares the body for athletic movement. Your circulation increases, the blood starts flowing to the muscles and your joints begin to loosen up. Proper warm-up and stretching decrease the chance of injury from a body that is not yet ready to move.

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