Hollin Hills Pickleball and Tennis Club



Q –What is Pickleball?

A – Pickleball is considered the fastest growing sport in America. The Basics about Pickleball are: It is a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It can be played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net. It is played with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes and can be played as doubles or singles.

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Q – How can I learn to play?

A – Classes are offered at some of the local Recreation centers.   Certified trainers in the area offer private and group lessons. Youtube and internet offer content.  HHPTC hosts Intro to Pickleball events that are conducted by a USA Pickleball Ambassador and as the facility is completed, will offer more classes for all levels of play. The pickleball community is a welcoming group and players will take the time to give newcomers a walkthrough of the basics. 


Q – Do I need to be athletic to play?

A – No, Pickleball can be enjoyed by all ages, and skill levels. You can play hard or you can play easy 


Q – Is Pickleball an expensive sport to play?

A – No, all you need is a paddle, a ball, and a court. Most indoor venues will have loaner paddles and balls.  You can purchase paddle and ball sets for less than $25.


Here is a little more information about pickleball and why HHPTC believes this would be a great investment:

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About HHPTC:

Q – What is HHPTC?

A – Hollin Hills Pickleball and Tennis Club is the first outdoor private club in this area.  Our membership is open to anyone paying the membership dues.  We are located in the Hollin Hills neighborhood in Alexandria, VA.  Our facility will have a fenced area of six pickleball only courts with an adjacent social area, and two tennis courts, fenced separately.  In addition, we will be adding lights to extend play outside of summer daylight. 


Q – What will the fees/dues be to join?

A – There will be a one time $300 initiation fee per household. Annual Dues will be $150 for the first member of a household and $50 for each additional household member. 


Q – Will HHPTC become part of the Hollin Hills Pool?

A – No.  It is a separate club but will collaborate with the pool on the parking lot and other mutual services such as landscaping and outdoor recreation areas. It also will work with the pool membership for youth Pickleball and tennis clinics during the summer pool season.


Q – Will you have lights?

A – We have a plan to add lights back to the courts in 2023 or sooner as the funding allows.


Q – Will you allow guests?

A –There will be provisions made for out-of-town guests.  Local players will either need to join our club or wait for open events to play on HHPTC courts.


Q – What about social events?

A –We will have a separate social area adjacent to the courts with bleachers to watch games in progress, as well as tables and chairs for eating and socializing.  We are planning themed events every month as well as round robin nights, and clinics for all levels.  Check out the social calendar and watch for more events as the membership grows.