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We are now accepting new memberships.
  Although we officially started memberships on July 1, our court reserve system tracks the date you join and will automatically send you a notice (bill) when your membership year is due to expire. You will be paying dues only — no initiation fee —  in your second year and every year after. 
Sign up now to secure your place in the HHPTC.  For more information on club fees and to receive a membership application, click on the member portal above and click ‘join the club’.  Questions, contact [email protected].  

Hollin Hills
Pickleball and Tennis Club


History of Pickleball in Hollin Hills

On a hot afternoon in August of 2020, Hollin Hills resident Steve Ryan picked up a roll of duct tape at Village Hardware and laid the tape down on the dilapidated tennis courts located along Ft. Hunt Rd., forming a faint outline of a Pickleball court, thinking: “If you build it they will come”.

Not long after the tape was laid down, the intrepid Milley Stanges (Hollin Hills resident and South Alexandria Pickleball Ambassador)  noticed something strange had appeared on the tennis courts.

 The indefatigable Milley tracked down Steve and soon thereafter the Hollin Hills Pickleball and Tennis club (HHPTC) was created.  

The Pickleball courts never would have been built without Rebecca Bostick’s leadership (President of HHTPC),  David and Diana Tersak’s organizational skills, Richard Roesel’s financial stewardship and Civic Association President Patrick Kelly’s commitment to a better Hollin Hills.

With the help from our members and wonderful volunteers, we began making plans for a cluster of six Pickleball only courts. Now, with the support of the Civic Association of Hollin Hills, our dream has become a reality.  

What’s Happening?

We are excited to announce that the two front Tennis courts at HHPTC have been converted to six dedicated Pickleball courts- the first outdoor private Pickleball-only courts in our area.  Just imagine being able to schedule games knowing you’ll get to play with your friends and socialize too!  

We have scheduled social activities and round robin events for every month.  The Pickleball courts and amenities are now open and ready to play!

Act Now!

We are now taking new memberships for the year that started July 1.  Sign up now to secure your place in the HHPTC.  For more information on club fees and to receive a membership application, click on ‘join the club’ above.  Questions, contact [email protected].  

What about Tennis?

While we converted the two front Tennis courts for Pickleball, there are 2 additional Tennis courts that will remain as Tennis courts.  They are also in need of renovation.  One court is being temporary repaired to bring it to playable condition.  The other needs a full renovation.  We have started a donation program to raise the approximately $150K that we need to get those courts refinished to complete the HHPTC facility.  Our goal is to complete these courts next spring but we need your help. If you wish to donate, see the membership form or contact us at [email protected]

Thanks for your interest.     





 [email protected]

Thanks for your interest.